Since 1983, I have served as a Southern Baptist pastor. Throughout my ministry I have invited God-called evangelists to preach in the churchs where I have served and have witnessed wonderful results. I believe in the New Testament office of evangelist (Ephesians 4:11). These men have a special anointing from God to lead people to Christ both individually and from the pulpit.

Dr. Don Whitt is a New Testament evangelist. When he served as a pastor, he was a personal soul-winner and also led may people to Christ through his preacing ministry. He has also served as the Evangelism Director of one of our Baptist state conventions. He is a man of God, a great preacher and a trusted friend.

If you desire to utilize a God-called evangelist in your church, in an area-wide crusade, or in some other evangelistic venue, prayerfully consider contacting Don Whitt. I know that you’ll be glad you did!

Dr. Steve Gaines
Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
Cordova, Tennessee
2005 President of the Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference



“Don Whitt is an extremely effective evangelist with an unbelievable heart for lost people.  He has a unique ability, not only in preaching the Gospel, but especially in drawing the net both in the local churches he pastored as well as in revival meetings.  Sunday after Sunday, he always gleans a harvest because of the blessing of God on his ministry. I recommend him wholeheartedly and without any reservation to all of my pastor brothers.”

Dr. James Merritt
Cross Points The Church at Gwinnett Center
Deluth, Georgia
Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention



“Our Annual Sportsman Extravaganza recently attracted over 3,000 outdoorsmen from throughout the metropolitan Columbus area. I prayed for the Father’s leadership in finding a man who could deliver the gospel with the accuracy of an expert marksman. But skills alone would not get the job done if the man couldn’t “set the hook” and “reel-in” the lost man. Don was the perfect match and he shot a “bulls-eye” during our harvest time. Many lives were changed for eternity. I will not hesitate to have Don back to Jersey again. If you are in need of a Harvest Evangelist with a heart for the lost and a submissive heart to a local pastors authority, Don Whitt will hit the mark.”

John A. Hays
Senior Pastor
Jersey Baptist Church
Pataskala, Ohio