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“Doing The Work of an Evangelist” – $10 (+ $2 shipping)

Doing he work of an evangelist.


“Spiritual Warfare” – $20

A four part series on spiritual warfare.


“A Look Into Heaven” – $7

What to expect when we get to Heaven!


“Who Is Knocking At Your Door?” – $7

A clear message on how to be saved.


“Building A Hedge Of Protection” – $7

Building a spiritual hedge of protection around your loved ones.

The_Wheat_and_the_Tare “The Wheat and the Tare” – $7

How to know the difference and make sure you are “wheat”

When_God_Burns_Your_Barley_Fields “When God Burns Your Barley Fields” – $7

What will it take for God to get your attention?

Is_Your_Salvation_Real_or_Fake “Is Your Salvation Real or Fake?” – $7

In this age of uncertainty, you MUST know the difference!

How_to_Win_Your_Family_to_Christ “How To Win Your Family To Christ” – $7

Practical message on leading loved ones to salvation.

God's_Three_Deadlines “God’s Three Deadlines” – $7

What are they-don’t cross them!

Favorite Revival Sermons “Live Recordings” – $20

These 4 messages are some of the most requested revival sermons ever.